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“I think the quality of education is excellent. The staff are dedicated to bringing out the child’s best, and extend grace while holding the bar high on expectations. It is very affordable for a private school as well.”

Academic Overview

Our students, kindergarten through grade twelve, are being prepared for college success in a Christ-centered environment. A Novi Christian Academy education allows young people to face an ever-changing world while grounded in unchanging truth. 

Some of our program highlights include:

  • High standards of academic excellence

  • Biblical integration throughout the curriculum

  • College preparatory academics

  • College Dual-Enrollment:  Students can earn college credits through a variety of colleges and universities while earning high school credit at the same time.

  • S.T.E.M Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math classes for secondary students.

  • High School Honors English classes

  • Student ipads and laptops for integrating technology with curriculum


Our students are instructed in a modern, well-equipped facility, which includes a library/media center, science lab, gymnasium, weight room, computer lab, art room, and welcoming classrooms.


The Train Station is a service provided by Brightmoor Christian Church. It is a Christian-based academic preschool program offered to children who are 18 months to 5 years of age. Our goal is to provide a safe, wholesome and friendly environment where children can learn Christ-centered, basic pre-kindergarten skills.  At The Train Station preschool, the facilities are state-of-the-art. The hours are convenient. The staff members are trained and qualified. Our teachers are certified and carefully screened. We exceed state guidelines regarding child/staff ratios. The Train Station provides a wholesome and friendly environment in which children learn social skills in a Christian atmosphere. We want only the best for our children!

Middle School 6-8

Middle school is designed to meet the needs of students in the sixth through eighth grade. A team of teachers works with all students and gets to know each one personally. The curriculum is hands-on and connected by multi-subject projects. Sports, activities, Student Council, Achievement Hour, and Missions Projects help make this phase of school an exciting and positive experience.

The middle school teaching team makes communication a priority. Meetings are held to plan and discuss student progress. Team status reports help keep parents informed. Students have planners to help stay organized and successful. Student-led conferences allow students to take responsibility for their achievement and communicate it to their parents. RenWeb, a personalized on-line program, is available to all parents.

The curriculum is designed to connect with the elementary and high school sequence of courses. Bible, science, history, and language arts materials have been updated within the past year. The teachers create themes and coordinate projects between subjects frequently so students can understand important connections. Activities like literature circles and current events help students to get involved, think critically, and apply learning to their own lives. World Studies begins in eighth grade and continues into ninth grade with the same teacher; this intensive world history and literature course gives students depth of knowledge while making the transition into high school easier. Eighth grade Lightbearers Bible introduces students to information needed to defend the Christian faith.

Summer Reading Program
Students are required to read at least two books over the summer, one assigned title, to build their knowledge of literature and vocabulary and keep their language arts skills developing.  A writing assignment is due the first day back to school, and a test is given over an assigned book.

Middle school meets for its own chapel service every week. Praise-and-worship is led by a group of middle school students. Students can take Worship Band as an elective to help lead worship time. Speakers include teachers, parents, and pastors. Once a month, character awards are given to a student in each class.

Achievement Hour
Achievement Hour is a flexible period of time for students to do homework, get assistance from other teachers, make up tests, or go to enrichment sessions or organization meetings. Students who have low grades in a class on a progress report or report card will be sent to check in with that teacher each week until their grades rise.    

Middle School Curriculum

Our program is designed to meet the needs of young adolescents, and it meets the qualifications for an exemplary middle school set forth by the National Middle School Association
Our middle school students are supported, celebrated, and encouraged to mature. The teachers have the freedom to teach our children how to lean on Christ for wisdom and answers to problems. Students are not treated as miniature high school students, nor children. They are valued during this exciting time of their lives.

High School 9-12

The Novi Christian Academy High School curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the advanced student preparing for university.  Advanced Placement courses are offered in preparation for the AP College Tests offered each spring.  Graduation requirements exceed state and national standards, and most graduates achieve college credit on entrance exams for their freshman year at university.  Novi Christian Academy boasts a 100% college/university acceptance rate, and a 96% college/university matriculation rate.
The high school academic program at Novi Christian Academy has been carefully structured to give students a broad preparation in the liberal arts—the key disciplines of math, science, history, language and fine arts. With this background, they will be prepared to enter college and pursue any line of study.


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