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At NCA, we view every child who is entrusted to us as a treasure that God has ordained to be in this place, at this time.  
We have a vision that each child who passes through our halls will know that he/she is loved by the Creator of the Universe, and that God has a perfect plan and purpose for his/her life.  We believe that it is our responsibility to teach our students how to know what they believe and why they believe it; and we believe it is our responsibility to equip them to compete and excel academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Our Mission

Novi Christian Academy, in partnership with the family, seeks to provide the highest quality education in the context of the Christian faith so that students become fully devoted followers of Christ Jesus, living lives of leadership and service.

Our Values

At NCA, we are dedicated to partnering with families, giving students the opportunity to encounter God, instilling wisdom, individualizing instruction, and providing social and athletic opportunities.
Partnering with Families
At Novi Christian Academy, we welcome children into a secure, nurturing, Christian environment. We are a community that loves learning and loves truth, so we strive to create an educational experience that is exciting and challenging. A reverence for God, the basis for all wisdom, is woven throughout our school life. As partners with parents, we meet our students’ needs and help them achieve. We believe that the best way to do that is with a focused, rigorous core curriculum. Our students will have a sophisticated understanding of the central disciplines of math, science, history, language arts, and Christianity. A carefully constructed series of courses and topics from kindergarten through twelfth grade leads students to greater insights and abilities, and study is enriched by the incorporation of music, art, and physical activity.

Encountering God

We want all students to encounter Jesus Christ on a personal level during their school career.  In the classroom each day, teachers model the Christian life and integrate God into every subject of study. Our faculty members are dedicated educators who serve as caring, loving models of Christianity. They consider their teaching a calling and pray together regularly or whenever needs arise.  All students take a Bible class every year to build an in-depth knowledge of God’s Word. Over the course of an entire education, this creates a young person with a thoroughly Christian perspective. In middle school and high school, students also learn to defend their faith by studying other worldviews and religions and evaluating other beliefs in light of Christianity. A strong dedication to Christ is evident among the students.  


Opportunities for Encountering God


  • Retreats

  • Bible Classes

  • Faith integration in all subjects

  • School-wide spiritual themes

  • Community outreach and ministry

  • Student-led Bible studies and worship teams

  • Spiritual emphasis weeks

  • Devotions and prayer

  • Weekly chapel

  • Visual and performing arts

  • Instilling Wisdom

Scripture states that respect for the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. NCA believes that in order to develop wise young people who will excel in life and avoid the dangers of our society, we must start with the solid foundation.  We build with a firm structure of knowledge and skills, and then we cultivate discernment, or the ability to think and apply knowledge judiciously. The best way to do that is to read widely, study deeply, and discuss broadly. Superficial coverage of material is not a priority. Guided by Christian faculty members, students study history, literature, and the sciences with depth so that they can develop wisdom. Class size helps build trust and the ability to work together, and the close atmosphere of a small school allows teachers to work with students for several years and coach them to achieve new understandings. In a rapidly changing society, the ability to think and evaluate, based on the lessons of the past and God’s Word, is a great advantage. Our students leave NCA prepared to choose widely in an increasingly complex world.

Opportunities for Instilling Wisdom


  • Devotions

  • Class discussions

  • Excellent literature

  • Instruction by Christian teachers

  • Christian living and apologetics courses

  • American and World Studies programs

  • Individualizing Instruction

Our rigorous curriculum is balanced by an inviting, exciting method of learning. We cultivate students’ curiosity and gifts through artistic and written works, group collaboration, and connections with the community. We work in partnership with parents to help all children succeed and discover their talents.  We expect all students to work hard and be responsible for their learning.  One of our greatest advantages is the size of our school. Because we are small, we are able to conduct an Achievement Hour in middle school and high school where teachers and students of different ages build relationships. Older and younger students work together and benefit from each other. The teaching staff works as a team. We value, respect, know, and love our students as they grow with us. When students feel love, they flourish.
Growth does not occur just in the classroom; it happens after school as students are involved in athletics, organizations, and school events. Our students are busy: most of them play sports and participate in organizations and the arts. Many serve actively in their youth groups at church and go on summer mission trips. We firmly believe these are important places to encounter God, enhance the curriculum, develop leadership, and build character. They are also places to have a lot of fun! The coaches and advisors teach students valuable non-academic skills, model Christian character and decision-making, and get to know students well. Students make friends, learn to work together, put their faith into practice, and build great memories. NCA provides an excellent academic education in conjunction with a variety of co-curricular opportunities. The result is well-rounded, healthy young people.

Organizations and Activities


  • Class and student Council

  • National Honor Society

  • Chapel worship team

  • ACSI Spelling Bee

  • Math Pentathlon

  • Spirit Week and Homecoming

  • Junior-Senior Banquet

  • Auction

  • Grandparents’ Day

  • Stratford Festival Performances

  • Vocal ensemble

  • Concerts

  • Fine Arts Competition, Elementary and MS/HS

  • Class trips in 5th, 8th, 11th, and 12th grades

  • Sports

  • Boys and Girls Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Elementary Flag Football

  • Volleyball

  • Cross Country

  • Track & Field

  • Cheerleading

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Golf

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